General information:

Hello, my name is Borja, and I am engineer. My background is focused on Security and I am working in networking communication protocol projects for a satellite data-link communications and IP RAN (Radio Access Networks) in my workplace. Currently I am living in Finland and I already lived in Scotland, England, Portugal and Spain where I was born. In my free time I love do sightseeing, study about wars and investigate about ex-soviet republic countries, visiting them when I have free time.

Some general pictures:




My work desk at home for long time in UK


Ditto (UK)


When I was student in Spain and I really enjoy «happy hacking times»


Me with my parents in NY


Me with my bodyguards

General information:

Current place : Helsinki (Finland)

Music: Punk and classical are my favourite. But in general I like everything except crap like King Africa and some stupid commercial music. And no, I do not like the beatles, I prefer the rolling. Here is the list of my favourite music:

Sport: I practice actively football, biking, and barefoot running for long distance. I also practiced for many years Volleyball, You can check:

Favourite country: Scotland of course.

Religion: Pantheist.

Ideology: I will tell you, if I consider you my friend and not enough stupid to understand why I do not put it here. Also you should be enough intelligent to have more than a simplistic idea than just «ideology labels».

Favourite book: GEB: Gödel Escher Bach.

Favourite quote: «No hay prepotencia más ridícula que la que se destila de la creencia de que recopilar talento ajeno es un talento», Jorge Luis Borges.

Contact: send me an email or just a comment here and I will contact you.