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Sightseeing in Valencia and Spain / Turismo en Valencia y España

As a petition from some friends from long time ago I decided create that post, just to help them what to do, how to move and what to eat in Valencia, Spain. I made that map, however pictures are not mine so I included directly pictures from others, referencing them and without profit… I will replace them gradually when I will do tourism in my own city 😉

If you (the reader) have any suggestions or doubts, please do not hesitate contact me and let me know! Also If I stay here and you need help during your tour I do not have any problem go with you, as I like meet with foreign people and opening my mind.

  • Barrio de Benimaclet: Students district, before it was a ‘village’ now is like a ‘village’ inside Valencia, but it is a part of Valencia indeed.

Suggested typical food from Valencia:

Suggested typical food from Spain:

Suggested typical drinks from Valencia:

Suggested typical drinks from Spain:

  • Sangria: Popular with young people

  • Cafe solo: expresso.

  • Cortado: coffee with milk.